yo, you can call me anks. nonbinary, uses they/them pronouns. i sometimes post art stuff but most of the time it's reblogged content. feel free to browse
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my hobbies include thinking about drawing instead of actually drawing and then getting mad at myself


I’d normally put this to the polls but my DA’s subscription ended some time ago. So! Black or Pink? :D


and hour and a half in sai later, i produce  drawing of an anime character i i know nothing about. i do not watch sailor moon. ??????


Making fun of your internet friends like



Okay but Never Gonna Give You Up (better known as Rickroll) is actually a really really horrible song for many reasons, which I will better explain under the cut. 

Brace yourselves, this is pretty long.

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from yesterday


give us the child


Another print for Anime Expo, available at table E18 Papaya Arts! This one will mostly be available in small size, but I may print a couple large ones.

(Also I found another excuse to make a pretty starry background. Yep.)

To be, …OR NAH?
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ur a fall out boy fan?? in this economy??


i think i’ve interrupted something